In my url the entry have a category and a sub-category.

  1. Category = meat
  2. sub category = beef


I'm using {category_url_title}, but the result URL is:


The category and the sub category are together: meatbeef with no /. It should be meat/beef.

How to have a category and subcategories working fine, like : cat/subcat/subsubcat..?? It give me headaches :)

Happy XMas Stéphane

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Use the backspace parameter:

href="{url}/{channel_short_name}/{categories backspace='1'}{category_url_title}/{/categories}/{url_title}"

Backspace removes x characters from the final output.

Watch out if your entry belongs to 1 or more sub categories as your category URLs will grow uncontrollably.

  • Thanks a lot for your help!! I tried to put a /, the categories was divided by a /, but // in the front. I didn't know the backspace parameter.
    – Stéphane
    Dec 22, 2013 at 12:37

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