I am having a Matrix fieldtype with two cells: text and Playa. The text field serves as the title for different rows. It's setup like this in my code:

    <div class="products">


        <ul class="noGrid">
            {cell_2}{stash:embed name="snippets:productdiv" process="start"}{/cell_2}


I would now conditionally show or hide {cell_1} based on the results of cell_2. If for example all entries are set to closed I want the cell_1 to not display anymore.

I have tried the syntax from this post, but without any luck.

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Well, it's not super-simple. At least the solution that I came up with. It also might end up costing performance a bit.

So, first thing first: We need to see if some entries are selected, that are not closed. To do that, we could use {cell_2 var_prefix="playa" status="not closed"}{playa:entry_id}{/cell_2}. Now, you can try using that in an if statement such as:

{if '{cell_2 var_prefix="playa" status="not closed"}{playa:entry_id}{/cell_2}'} {cell_1} {/if}


You could try

{if cell_2}<h1>{cell_1}</h1>{/if}

This simple conditional checks for the presence of info in cell_2 and outputs the h1 if populated otherwise it will output nothing.

  • It's not working. :(
    – Marc
    Dec 28, 2013 at 20:41

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