I'm exporting freeform entries with AJW export, and have no idea how to format the entry_date field when exported as .csv

AJW export documentation doesn't appear to exist, besides a sample EE tag you can use. Has anyone else formatted entry_date when exporting entries as a .csv?

Here is my code (changed filename):

    sql="SELECT entry_date, form_field_1, form_field_2, form_field_3, form_field_4 FROM exp_freeform_form_entries_1" 

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try DATE_FORMAT(from_unixtime(entry_date), '%Y-%m-%d') AS post_date


Wow! This little gem just saved my bloody head. All my date comparisons were failing due to the UNIXTIME. I was trying to use DATE_FORMAT() and it just kept giving me errors, but this solved that. THANK YOU!! Like 3+ years later.

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