I have a use case where I would like an add-on or admin to set a users group with additional privileges and provide an expiration that would change the user back to their original group, or even a default group such as members.

The goal would be to allow members to purchase a "subscription" but not as recurring.

I assume this can be done with simple commerce, however from everything i have seen there is no way to allow and administrator to change or setup and expiration for teh group change. Adding a transaction manually through Simple Commerce does not act as a subscription, and thus teh group change features will not work as intended.

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Eric Lamb's add-on, among it's many other rather cool features, Securit:ee includes an extension that does provide the amine the ability to auto-expire a member account within a given group after a set amount of time. Might be worth a look. I don't see mention of it changing the member from one group to another automatically though - just expiring the account.

  • Securit:ee does only allow expiration of accounts form my research, so was not applicable in my situation. Commented Mar 17, 2014 at 17:39

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