Is it possible to calculate a members' age with Low Nice Date?

Experimented with this but really need to know what format the (native) {member_birthday} outputs...

{exp:low_nice_date date="{current_time format="%F %j%S, %Y"}-{member_birthday}" format="%F %j%S, %Y"}

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The way EE stores birthday info is in 3 separate columns in the database (ie. Month, Day & Year'), whereas a entry date or date field the value is stored in UNIX timestamp.

So, the native {birthday} field outputs: Month Day, Year

In order for this to work with exp:low_nice_date:range tag, you would need to format the from & to parameters correctly. At a quick glance, I don't think this is possible from the native birthday field and low nice date.


There are a few addons at Devot-ee that may help you:




No, it's not possible to calculate an age based on a date with Low Nice Date.

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