What would cause an EE template to barf on one set of comments but not another?

For example, the comments on this page are messed up:


But it doesn't seem to be happening on any other article (that we've found). Example:


What could cause this? I've gone through the comments to see if I could spot any bad code, but even if I had found something I'm at a loss to explain why it would cause problems with EE rendering.

(EECMS v 2.5.5)

  • Can you show us the template code?
    – Sobral
    Jan 4 '14 at 18:08

It looks like this page is breaking because of the edit comment functionality combined with PHP/HTML in a comment.

See comment #322268: he's got PHP-style and HTML tags in his comment, which all seem to be escaped properly, but when that same comment content is replicated in the hidden block for comment editing (.edit-comment), your page source code is abruptly cut off.

Since this is affecting the rending of EE conditionals on the page, I assume the choke is happening server-side - EE isn't liking the <? and ?> entities inside of the the template's tagdata, and is choking on them.

  • Thanks for spotting that. I thought I had closed that comment, but I didn't confirm it was gone, and it looks like the same problem was affecting the control panel and preventing it from being closed. Thanks!
    – Tim
    Jan 4 '14 at 21:48

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