No, it's actually not as convoluted as it sounds... ;)

Got two channels: News, and News Commentary. News entries are published multiple times per day; News Commentary is published once a week and covers 5-10 News entries from that week.

News has a news__body field, a news__images Matrix of images (containing the usual suspect columns of file, caption, etc), and a news__credits Matrix field with some plain text columns. It uses image shortcodes (those {image_1} / {image_2} things) in the news__body field to insert images from the news__images field.

News Commentary basically just has a commentary__content Matrix field, which has a related-news-article Playa column linking each row to a News entry, as well as a commentary textarea for the commentary portion.

The single-entry page for News Commentary displays a list (the commentary__content matrix). Each list item should display the related News entry's news__body and news__credits fields (with images in position), with the commentary following.

I've got much of it working, but seem unable to get output from the News Commentary -> related News entry -> news__images or news__credits field. I get the news__body content with {image_1} shortcodes showing in the text, followed by the commentary content - no news__credits or replaced image shortcodes.

Following is my (simplified) template. It contains both the {exp:stash:set_list} and {exp:stash:get_list} loops.

Stash set_list:

{exp:stash:set_list name="news-commentary" parse_tags="yes"}
    {exp:channel:entries channel="news-commentary" require_entry="yes"}
        {exp:stash:set_list:commentary__content name="commentary__content" context="entry_{entry_id}"     parse_tags="yes"}
            {commentary__content} {!-- Matrix --}
                {related-news-article var_prefix="related_article"} {!-- Playa --}


                    {related_article:news__images var_prefix="image_matrix"} {!-- Matrix --}
                        {exp:stash:set name="image_{image_matrix:row_count}" type="snippet"}
                            <img src="{image_matrix:file}">
                    {/related_article:news__images} {!-- END Matrix --}

                    {!-- Parse to replace image shortcodes with images - theoretically --}
                    {exp:stash:parse parse_vars="yes" process="end"}

                    {exp:stash:set_list:news__credits name="news__credits" context="entry_{entry_id}" parse_tags="yes"}
                        {related_article:news-credits var_prefix="credits_matrix"}

                {/related-news-article} {!-- END Playa --}
            {/commentary__content} {!-- END Matrix --}

Stash get_list:

{exp:stash:get_list name="news-commentary"}
    <ol class="commentary-list">
    {exp:stash:get_list:commentary__content name="commentary__content" context="entry_{news-commentary__entry_id}"}

            {exp:stash:get_list:news__credits name="news__credits" context="entry_{news__entry_id}"}

            {if commentary}

FYI, due to massive simplification and obfuscation of the actual template code, any typos you find may or may not be actual problems in the original template. ;)

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Without digging too much into your code, I think the problem is you need to parse tags on the get_list not the set_list (or possibly both).

The news__body field will need to be parsed again by the template parser for the shortcodes to render as snippets are parsed really early.

So update

{exp:stash:get_list name="news-commentary"}...

To become:

{exp:stash:get_list name="news-commentary" parse_tags="yes"}

Hopefully that will get it working for you.

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