I am looking for an answer how must I code a link to a AJAX popup window for users to login. I have my login link in a menu that is on all my pages. Also logout. I tried to read about this AJAX but I get very confused.

Thanks a lot! for helping me out with a simple answer.

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Create a div. Throw your login box inside. Style and position it how you want. Set it to 'display: none'.

Create an event listener, which when triggered, sets the display property to block or anything but none.

Create a listener, which will set it to display none.

$( '.context' ).on( 'click', '.my_hidden_Div', function( event ) {
    $( this ).show();
 } );

$( '.context' ).on( 'click', '.my_hidden_div .close', function( event ) {
    $( this ).hide();
} );

Ajax login can be used, but if your having trouble this is a good start. Simple jQuery.

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