In my comment form I use {if captcha}...{/if} to only show the captcha if it is required. It is showing up for non-logged in users and not for myself, which makes sense.

The question is: How do I turn it off completely? I can not find any setting to turn of captcha's for comment forms in my 2.7.2 install.

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You can remove the {captcha} tags from the templates, or comment them out:

{!-- {captcha} etc.. --}

and / or turn the captcha off on each channel by going to the channel preference for the relevant channel: Admin > Channel Admin > Channels > Edit Prefs

Captcha docs

  • The second part did it. I did not realize Captcha can be turned on/off per channel. Follow-up question: if I were to remove the captcha from the form, I expect that would not work? I mean, without turning the 'captcha' setting to off, the system wants a captcha answer right?
    – Michael G
    Jan 13, 2014 at 20:07

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