I have migrated my EE 2.5.1 install to a new dev machine (actually just OS - Ubuntu 13.10 - reinstall from scratch) and cannot get past WSOD in home or system. I checked the instructions from the server migration guide, file permissions etc. seem to be good. Database config is good and config.php has all the same paths as previously.

I can reach phpinfo page in the same directory as index.php. I can also get to the server wizard front page, but as soon as I click "check my server" I get the WSOD again. System requirements are good according to phpinfo.

I have absolutely no debugging info on index.php or system, regardless of debug=1 in index.php and xdebug.scream in php.ini; the only error in Apache logs is a warning from the phpinfo page.

The only difference I can think of between this and the previous install is that I installed PHP5-cli first, before Apache2, and had to install php5-mod-apache afterwards.

How can I get past the WSOD, or at least get some more debugging info?

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xdebug.scream did start giving output a while later, I presume the WSOD without output was cached or something. It gave me the answer to my question: I hadn't installed php mysql drivers.

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    Lol, poor bastard. Hate it when this shit happens, especially when u can't charge for it. Commented Jan 14, 2014 at 12:40

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