I am attempting to make a dynamic table for some of my products in ExpressionEngine.

Right now I have the table data set up as a matrix channel field type. Each of my products has 3 variations with 8 columns of specs for each variation. My question is, how can I output a specific row in a column on the front-end.

My channel fields are cell_1 - cell_8. If I put {cell_1} into a <th> it generates 3 tables with each table using a different row from that column.

Is it possible to output a specific row from a matrix column?


Here's an example of my current code:

    <th>{cell_1} (want to call cell 1 row 1 here)</th>
    <th>{cell_1} (want to call cell 1 row 2 here)</th>
    <th>{cell_1} (want to call cell 1 row 3 here)</th>
    <td>{cell_2} (want to call cell 2 row 1 here)</td>
    <td>{cell_2} (want to call cell 2 row 2 here)</td>
    <td>{cell_2} (want to call cell 2 row 3 here)</td>

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Matrix has a "row_count" variable you could use, something like this:

  {if row_count == "1"}
    First row content
    Remaining row content

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