I have created a Channel Form that is intended for guest users (not logged in) to submit information including up to two image files. The form uses a Matrix or Grid field (I've tried both) for the image files. The form works great except that the image files are not uploaded. If I login as a Super Admin and submit the form, the files ARE uploaded, which leads me to believe it is some sort of permissions issue on the upload directory.

I set /images/uploads and /images/uploads/habitats to 777 to try that, and it is still not working.


{exp:channel:form channel="Habitats" return="/habitats/thank-you" 


    <label for="habitat_photos">{label:habitat_photos}</label>



Can anyone offer a solution or advice to fix my problem? Thanks!

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By default, the members of the guests group cannot upload to EE; this is a permissions issue, but, it's permissions within EE, not with the filesystem, which is why CHMOD'ing to 777 didn't help.

Here's a link to a previous post with this problem, and a solution.

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    Thanks, Nick. This may or may not be a great solution. However, I realized I forgot to give upload permission to my new member group (for the anonymous submitters) in the File Upload destination preferences. Now it's working!!!
    – Amy Witty
    Jan 15, 2014 at 21:20

I realized I forgot to give upload permission to my new member group (the one I created for the anonymous submitter) in the File Upload destination preferences. I went in and did that, and now the form is working correctly. :)

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