Hello I've been trying to get a dropdown on my channelform the only way it seems to work is if I do this.


this outputs fine like this

<select name="education_level">
<option value="0">- Please Select -</option>
<option value="10">No Formal Qualifications</option>
<option value="11">GCSE/GNVQ/O levels</option>

But is there anyway to add either an id and class within the select for for my javascript and styling

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A quick/easy solution would be to wrap the element with a div, and build your selector using that.

In jQuery, for example, you could use $('.select-wrapper select') to select this:

<div class="select-wrapper">{field:education_level}</div>

The CSS selector would be similar, of course:

.select-wrapper select{ border: 1px solid green; }


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