I have a template group called 'site. These are my top level generic templates, I would like to exclude the site part of the url so,


I would like to remove the 'site' part of the url for this group only.

Any 3rd part or core EE way to achieve this.


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Pretty sure if you set the group to default / homepage in the cp it won't require the URL - the index page within that group will be your sites homepage.


You can achieve this for all templates located within your site's default template group by disabling Strict URLs. But this will only work with your default template group, no others.

Note that you should put some logic in each of these templates instructing EE to display a 404 page when accessed with the template group - otherwise you could run into duplicate content issues, as your content will be accessible via both /site/about and /about.


{if segment_1 == 'site'}{redirect="404"}{/if}

Unless there are other reasons for putting these templates into the /site/ group I'd recommend just creating an /aboutus/ template group and putting the code into the index template.

You'd get the URLs you want without hassle/logic and just have a few more template groups in the system.

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