I'm looking for a fieldtype that would open a basic image editor with option to Scale + Crop (maintaining proportions as option).

I've reviewed Channel Images which would be OK, but I can't use it in tandem with Playa/Relationships so lose a level of complexity and depth that is very handy for big content sites. I also love how sturdy Matrix is and how quick it is for clients to understand/use.

Is there one knocking about that works inside the control panel, as I'm keen not to have to persuade them that we'll automate it using a tool like CE:img.


  • Photo Frame has become a buggy unsupported mess. Don't buy it!
    – user6369
    Jun 3, 2015 at 7:53

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Photo Frame from ObjectiveHTML sounds like it would do exactly what you want, and it does support Matrix. It's crazy powerful with an extensible feature set and Justin provides excellent support.


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