I'm making a site for a client which has about two thousand news entries that were imported from a WordPress installation, each entry is using a channel images field. However some entries are missing an image that needs to be uploaded. Is it possible to somehow write a query that would list titles or entry ids of entries that are currently missing an image? It's a pain to go through them all by hand.

Normally it's not a problem to just list entry titles where a certain field is empty but channel images uses a separate table

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You could make an EE template with simple channel:entries loop and a conditional to see if the field is empty. If empty, print entry name, ID, whatever:

{exp:channel:entries} {if thumbnail == ""} {title} {/if} {/exp:channel:entries}

In this example thumbnail is the name of the channel images field.

  • thanks, it never occurred to me to just check with a simple conditional. I found out that channel images has a {if image:no_images} conditional that I can use...found out all the missing images now :)
    – Dovla
    Jan 27, 2014 at 8:25

Assuming you are looking for entries where no images have been added to the Channel Images field...

All you would have to do is query exp_channel_data where field_id_X is empty (with field_id_X as the Channel Images field). Even though Channel Images data is in another table, there is a marker in exp_channel_data when the field is not empty.

This isn't tested with the very latest version of Channel Images, but for previous versions this works for me:

SELECT entry_id 
FROM exp_channel_data
WHERE field_id_65 = ''
AND channel_id = '9'

Just update your field_id as appropriate for your Channel Images field and update the channel_id to match the channel of interest.

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