Need to take the final url segment which is in the form of group/index/1030 and format it to be 10.30 to signify a time.

Anyone know of a plugin? The only ones I've found format it as a price and assume it to be 1,030 or suchlike.


ExpressionEngine have a variable {last_segment} to get the last segment of URL. You can use any Math plugin like "Simple Math" (http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/simple-math) and divide that last segment by 100.

{exp:simple_math calculate="{last_segment} / 100"} 

Also, try by using PHPStringFun (http://engaging.net/products/phpstringfun) to format the number.

  • I ended up using the "Price Format" plugin which has an option to set a tax percentage and show the result. So just set this to 1 and it works like a charm! Thanks for the above suggestion...it came after I found this one but works too!
    – segovius
    Jan 31 '14 at 10:22

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