Maybe strange question, I put it in the setting of this case. I have build a shoppingsite (Carttrob, Profile:edit) where members are logged in after registration. I also use Freemember to bypass EE messages for the normal login c.q. logout procedure.

Now the owner wants for certain groups a registration without logging in, because he wants to approve them first. Profile:edit echoes the settings in Membermodule, which is allright, so now I must make an exception here. I could not find an override tag.

My thought is to send the member* to a redirect page where they, without knowing it, become logged out. *after completion of the form they are at that point logged_in*

I could of course make a button (with some text)to activate the logout procedure, but what if the user does not use that button, and goes back to the site?

My question, how would I code that page? In order to automate the logout procedure?

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LogMeIn add-on has not only option to login user, but also logout. Just add next tag in your template


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