Is it possible to have shipping rates for a product's category group?

In our example, we have gift cards of varying denominations. We'd like to charge $3 shipping for the first gift card, but not charge shipping for subsequent gift cards.

We can't use per-order shipping, because they will need separate per item rates for products such as shirts, event registration, etc.


Unfortunately, there's currently nothing built into CartThrob that will handle that type of shipping functionality. You would need to create a custom shipping plugin.

  • Can I set per channel shipping in a similar manner? I could easily create Gift Cards in their own channel. – AJP Feb 2 '14 at 1:41

Could you reverse-engineer a solution using discounts instead of shipping, which could be applied to a category, or a buy x get x off type scenario? Then your other per item shipping costs could still apply?

  • It's possible, but I'm getting the instructions from the client on that one. I'll see if they're open to changing it. – AJP Feb 2 '14 at 1:42

I've been able to write my own shipping plugin. Once I polish it up, I'll post it up on github. It does selectable flat rates, item rates, and category rates if you've selected the default flat rate.

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