This is probably a newbie question but I checked the docs and am a little unclear.

I'm currently using CE Image to resize images in templates. I'm upgrading a site to use Assets for file management - I am wondering if Assets allows for the same type of image manipulation in tempts. That is can it:

  • Resize images when they are called in the template?
  • Cache the resized image for efficiency?
  • Accept a max-width and max-height parameters and resize to scale?
  • Accept a resize quality parameter for the quality?

If not, is there another solution for using Assets alone?

Bonus question: Can it do these things using S3 for storage?

Many thanks in advance!

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Assets does none of your four bullet points - these are all best done via CE Image as you're doing now (and it does all with aplomb). Why do you want to replace it? It's bar-none the best EE add-on for image manipulation (in the same way that Assets is the best file manager for EE).

Re: S3 - Assets can store your files in an S3 bucket, but if you're going to be resizing dynamically, then just store your master files locally and use CE Image's S3 integration instead.

  • Oh I'd just like to keep plugins to a minimum (an impossible task with EE2 sigh), and I could save another client some money by redeploying the CE licence to another new site. Thanks for the info, looks like my development time will be pretty low :P Thanks for the link to CE S3 integration. I was unfamiliar with that.
    – MrTomTom
    Feb 3, 2014 at 17:07

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