I'm attempting to upgrade my EE Discussion Form Module from version 3.1.8 to 3.1.14 in my EE 2.7.3 environment. I followed the upgrade instructions, but when I access the Add-ons > Modules > Discussion Forum page in the CP nothing happens. The module doesn't seem to update. The only odd thing I see is that the change log for the module shows entries for 3.1.5 and then jumps to 3.1.14. There doesn't seem to be version 3.1.6 - 3.1.13 and I'm on version 3.1.8. So could the issue be that the module update scripts aren;t recognizing my version as one available for upgrade?


And once again it seems I was a bit too quick to post a question. I was able to force the update to run my clicking the Run Module Updates button on the Modules page. So I guess the follow up questions would be Why? and Shouldn't accessing the modules control panel page still triggered the update?

  • No visiting the add-on page won't ever trigger the Run Module Updates trigger. Some add-ons instruct you to do that, like with Playa, in order to update but visiting the module page generally will have nothing to do with the update process. Oct 3 '14 at 23:36
  • Visiting the modules listing page will not automatically try to update them all, but visiting the module's own page triggers any available updates. Mar 2 '15 at 17:40

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