We're starting our cal entry loop like so:


So for something like 02-05-2014 and +1 month what is returned consists of exactly what we need (with a padded start to whatever Sunday happens to be for the given week).

However, when we use pad_short_weeks="n" in order to start the day at a specified time that is not whatever the current day is, it only goes until the range end from whatever the actual day is, irrespective of what is specified.

For example:

  • today is the 5th, and if the loops starts as date_range_start="02-11-2014" date_range_end="+7 days" pad_short_weeks="n" ends not on the 18th as it should, but instead it ends on the 12th, which is 7 days away from today. If it were the 6th it would end on the 13th, and so on.

  • If we make the pad_short_weeks="y" it returns the correct range from the specified date (today, a later date, etc), however this has the undesired effect of starting on the beginning of the week instead of the specified date.

  • And finally, if the date specified is more than date_range_end away, then nothing shows up (if and only if pad_short_weeks="n").

Is this a bug or are we implementing it wrong?


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The format for date_range_start="" and date_range_end="" parameters is YYYY-MM-DD, not MM-DD-YYYY.

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