I'm using DevDemon Tagger to output a list of categories. Everything is working fine but I am acing trouble getting categories to out put. Other items output no problem.

My code is below:

{exp:tagger:entries tag="{get:tag}" custom_fields="categories|dl_authors"}

{tagger:categories}{tagger:category_url_title} {/tagger:categories}


Does anyone have any ideas?


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Discovered I can use exp:tagger:entries_quick with a standard exp:channel:entries inside it and then access items like normal, but this seems inefficient especially if the tag has many items?

{exp:tagger:entries_quick tag="{get:tag}"} {exp:channel:entries entry_id="{tagger:entry_ids}" channel="the channel" status="open" show_future_entries="no" show_expired="no"} // Normal stuff in here {title} {tagger:categories}{tagger:category_url_title} {/tagger:categories}


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