This is partially related to this question: Additional parameters while using Freeform Pro Fieldtype

I can't see these options in the Freeform docs, but it seems if you add parameters to the single tag some do output. http://www.solspace.com/docs/freeform/channel_entry_fieldtype/

Eg. short name of field is channel_field


To add a custom class name to all forms in the template:

{channel_field form:class="your_class_name"}

This outputs the form from composer including the custom class name.

Parameters for the form tag pair are here, including the option of a custom error page: http://www.solspace.com/docs/freeform/form/#error_page

But this does not work:

{channel_field error_page="path_to/template"}

How can I specify a custom error page while using the freeform field type?

This question is directed at Solspace, but it would be great if anyone else could help.

** Edit 11 Feb 2014 ** Thanks @Solspace. I'd forgotten I've actually set this up already. I have a custom Composer Template assigned to this form with these Template Params:

  • Param Name: error_page
  • Param Value: site/form-error

But I hadn't realised this custom page was working as the error page URL is: http://example.co.uk/?ACT=72

Rather than: http://example.co.uk/form-error/

It looks like you're handling the error template display during a form submission method and not redirecting?

Now I know where the error page is coming from I've got an unrelated issue why this isn't working. I'll raise a support ticket.

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You can actually get the raw form_id from the fieldtype tag like this:


You can use that inside a regular {exp:freeform:form} tag as a parameter, which should allow you access to all of the params of freeform:form. I've done this once before. I don't recall if you need embeds/stash to get around parse order issues.


If you create a custom Composer Template to go with your Composer form, you can set the same parameters as used by {exp:freeform:form}. From the in-add-on instructions:

Template Params
Add default tag params composer output. These can be any parameters available to {exp:freeform:form}.
These will override anything set by Freeform Composer.

Additional information: The Composer templates are created in Freeform from the "Composer Templates" tab, and a custom Composer Template is associated with your Composer form in the top left dropdown in the Composer Editor UI in the CP ("Forms" tab).

  • I've amended the original question above with a response. Feb 11, 2014 at 17:53

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