I'm currently using PT Field Type Checkboxes to echo out an entries list, which is working fine. However when I combine this with the {switch=""} tag. This is blowing up and white screening the entire page when incorporating the switch tag.

<ul class="List--features">
    <li class="Nav-item">
        {option} - {switch='foo|bar'}

The docs seem to suggest that switch is supported: https://github.com/pixelandtonic/pt_field_pack/blob/master/Docs/Pages/pt-checkboxes.html#L62

I'm running: EE - v2.7.2 Field Pack - Checkboxes 2.1.1

Is this a bug or is switch implemented into Field Pack Checkboxes differently to expression engines channel loop?

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    It looks like you are reference documentation for the previous version of Fieldpack. The current docs are here: docs.pixelandtonic.com/fieldpack/fieldtypes/checkboxes/… However it does look like switch tags should still be supported, so this may be a big. You may want to email support@pixelandtonic.com about this, as EESE isn't a place for bug reports. Feb 13 '14 at 3:09

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