I am trying to return json from a module method. Very simple example at this point.

public function mealDates()
    echo "{\"foo\" : \"bar\"}";

From the template

    //request dates that are already taken
    type: "POST",
    url: "ACT=79",
    success: function(json){
    error: function(e){


If I declare dataType: 'json' returns error. If I don't I still am not getting the {"foo" :"bar"} from method. Suggestions on how to return json to template?


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You can use send_ajax_response() which will return JSON and works well for response to ajax requests. For your example you'd do

public function mealDates()
    $array = array(
        'foo' => 'bar', 

    return $ee()->output->send_ajax_response($array);  

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