My code for GWcode Categories add-on looks like:

{exp:gwcode_categories group_id="4" cat_url_title="{segment_2}" last_only="yes" class="list-plain" class_current="current_category"}
<a href="{path="{segment_1}/{complete_path}"}">{cat_name}</a>

Based on Nick suggestion I have used GWcode CatMenu add-on

{exp:gwcode_catmenu group_id="4" cat_url_title="{segment_2}" min_depth="2" class="list-plain"}
<a href="{path="{segment_1}/{complete_path}"}"
{if active} class="current"{/if}>

but I have no clue why on current category class is not added.



Looks like you need the GW CatMenu add-on; class_current isn't listed in the docs for GW Categories.

  • I have try to use that add-on but with that code {exp:gwcode_catmenu group_id="4" cat_url_title="{segment_2}" depth_open="2" class="list-plain"} I'm getting all categories from group 4 instead only child categories whatever is under parent category based on URL. Feb 18 '14 at 17:30
  • Please check OP for edits. Feb 18 '14 at 17:43

As I wasn't able to get GW CatMenu output categories in a way I want, I have decided to go back to GW Categories and use logic below to indicate active/current category:

{exp:gwcode_categories group_id="4" cat_url_title="{segment_2}" last_only="yes" class="list-plain"}
{if "{segment_3}"=="{cat_url_title}"}{cat_name}
<a href="{path="{segment_1}/{complete_path}"}">{cat_name}</a>

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