I have a channel for scholarships with a a Multi Select field with a list of schools. Each scholarship is available to certain schools, so I want to create a div with a class for each school, so I can use jQuery to hide/show scholarships available for each school using select. The options are hard coded right now.

<option value="Example1-High-School">Example1 High School</option>
<option value="Example2-High-School">Example2 High School</option>

What I am getting

<div class="Example1 High School Example2 High School">
 More information about the scholarship

What I want

<div class="Example1-High-School Example2-High-School">
 More information about the scholarship

Here is my template code:

            {exp:channel:entries channel="scholarships" dynamic="off" sort="asc" orderby="title"}
            <div class="{schools}{exp:low_replace find='SPACE' replace='-'}{item}{/exp:low_replace} {/schools}">
{/schools}      </ul>

How about something like this:

class="{exp:low_replace find="SPACE|," replace="-|SPACE" multiple="yes"}{schools backspace="1"}{item},{/schools}{/exp:low_replace}"

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