My question is.. I have a calendar:event channel with a custom Playa field In the related playa field i have Tagger.. How can i filter the event i show using the tags!?

I already have this --> {exp:calendar:cal calendar_id="9" date_range_start="today @ now" date_range_end="tomorrow @ 2359" dynamic="off" pad_short_weeks="n"}

  • {event_start_date format="%d-%Hh%i"}{calendar_serie var_prefix="serieX"}{serieX:title}{/calendar_serie}
  • {/exp:calendar:cal}

    Then i was able to filter the "serie" using this {exp:tagger:entries tag="horaire_accueil" limit="4"}

  • {tagger:entry_title}
  • {/exp:tagger:entries}

    How can i "merge' these 2!?

    Regards Ben

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