I am very new to CartThrob and EE so excuse my ignorance. I am charged with pulling order data from the database so I can write that data in our business system.

In the database we have stored, I believe, in {option_value} the item code for our inventory. I have looked through all the fields in exp_channel_data for that information but can't seem to find it.

In EE, I go to CartThrob, Products, Store-Products. Look at one of the products, under size options, there’s a field Option Short Name. Where is that stored?

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You need to figure out with field ID # corresponds to your Products > Size Options field. Then look that field_id_XXX column up in the exp_channel_data table. The data is store as a base64 encoded and serialized array, which is somewhat of a convention in EE. So, to decode it, you'd do:

$query = ee()->db->select('field_id_XXX')->where('entry_id', 'YYY')->get('channel_data');

$data = $query->row('field_id_XXX');

$data = unserialize(base64_decode($data));

foreach ($data as $row)
    $row['option_value'];//this is what you're looking for

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