I have got a bunch of entries in this relationship and i want to spit them out and group them by day. So, i thought i could use Stash to capture this, group them into a list for each day and the below is my sorry effort.

It does work, but it's not appending the row of data, it's only ever one row as i guess it's creating and destroying those lists over and over. I can't see any other way to do this though. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

{parents field="products-lessons-pool"}
   {exp:stash:set_list name='{parents:products-lessons-day}' parse_tags="yes" save="yes" scope="site"}

      {stash:time}{parents:products-lessons-time format="%g:%i %a"}{/stash:time}


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Oh silly me, i had the answer in a code sample on my machine already :-/

{parents field="products-lessons-pool"}
      {exp:stash:append name="Monday" match="#Mon#" against="{parents:products-lessons-day}" parse_tags="yes" save="yes" scope="site" refresh="86400"}
                <td>{parents:products-lessons-time format="%g:%i %a"}</td>
                <td><a href="/cart_functions/add_to_cart/{parents:entry_id}" class="button success radius">Buy</a><br />

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