Has anyone ever integrated/synchronized the EE Member Module with Salesforce? Have an upcoming project that will likely require synchronization with Salesforce.

The website will be for a member organization and they store all of their members in Salesforce. They need to allow members to login to the website, update their contact info, etc. We'd need to develop a two-way integration/synchronization process.

Any pointers?

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It can be done, Salesforce is integration using SOAP - so all you'd need to do is to write an EE Module wrapper for SF which encapsulates the necessary calls.

The API for Salesforce is available here and should identify all the things that you can do with it.

You can either have the data held in EE and in SF, or simply write a module which 'pulls' the information down from SF and stores it in EE temporarily for editing before pushing it back to SF when it's saved.

I will say now thats its not an easy 10 minute job - so you either need to be a) extremely confident/proficient or b) able to employ someone who can do it for you.


Jack Watkins created an extension to be able "to carry out the submission of register data to Salesforce in a less intrusive way."

You can read all about it here: http://donebecause.co.uk/entries/integrating_expressionengine_salesforce.

It might be a nice starting point.

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