Based on the PFD Press documentation:

  1. Formatting the PDF File

Formatting the PDF file is as simple as creating a special CSS file and referencing it in the tag in your template. Use the media attribute and set it to "pdf". This will cause the PDF Press to use the stylesheet (and it will be ingnored in your browser)

<link href="{site_url}css/pdf.css" rel="stylesheet" media="pdf">

I have created mine CSS styes sheet and added to the header

<link href="{stylesheet='styles/pdf'}" rel="stylesheet" media="pdf">

Style sheet is loaded by the site but not added to generated PDF.

Any clue what can be wrong?



Based on the add-on developer response:

I think you might have to switch to a static CSS file or inline css in order for the stylesheet to be parsed by PDF Press.

Inline CSS works fine.

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