Low Search pagination does not working with structure. Its only displays first page of pagination. I have also used paginate_base with low search results but issue as it is.

I think issue is low search query which display in url as encrypted.


EE: 2.7.2

Low Search: 2.4.2

 {exp:low_search:results query="{freebie_5}" paginate="bottom" paginate_base="/{freebie_1}/{freebie_2}/{freebie_3}/{freebie_4}/{freebie_5}/paginate" loose_ends="both" limit="15" status="not closed" disable="member_data|category_fields"}
        <section class="year-block">
            {date_heading display="monthly"}<p class="year-title">{week_date format=" %F, %Y "}</p>{/date_heading}

            <div class="listing {switch='odd|even'}{if press_audio_file !=''} audio-icon{/if} cf">
                <div class="date"><span>{entry_date format="%d"}</span>{entry_date format="%M %Y"}</div>
                <div class="link">
                    <a href="{page_uri}">{title}</a>

                    <div class="postmetadata cf">
                        <p class="release">Release Ref #: <span>{press_number}</span></p>
                        <p class="posted">Posted by: <span>{author}</span></p>
                        <p class="viewed">Viewed: <span>{view_count_one} times</span></p>

              <div class="paging cf">
                <span class="page-name">Page({current_page}):</span>
                          <a href="{pagination_url}" class="first">First</a>

                          <a href="{pagination_url}" class="prev">Prev</a>
                  <div class="pages">
                          <a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-{pagination_page_number} {if current_page}current{/if}">{pagination_page_number}</a>
                          <a href="{pagination_url}" class="next">Next</a>

                          <a href="{pagination_url}" class="last">Last</a>
        {if low_search_no_results}
              Sorry, your query did not return any results.
              Check your spelling or try a different search term.

Please let me know if you have any solution.


  • It's more likely that Structure's the culprit rather than Low Search. See this thread, for example. Try paginating a native channel:entries tag and see if the problem persists. If it does not (so only occurs with a Low Search Results tag), post your Low Search Results code here, and your EE, LS and PHP versions.
    – Low
    Mar 6, 2014 at 8:09
  • @Low I have posted low search result code. Mar 6, 2014 at 9:06
  • So, have you tried recreating the issue with the native channel:entries tag?
    – Low
    Mar 6, 2014 at 9:36


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