We've got two channel, Images and Videos, that we're combining in search results. Searching by keyword works great. So does sorting by entry_date and title. But we'd also like to sort by other fields.

To simplify things, imagine a custom field in each channel - video_score, image_score - that hold integers received from elsewhere. So, how would it be possible to combine these two for the orderby?

If it's easier we can create fields video_order and image_order with unique ordering numbers, but due to the custom fields being in two channels I don't see how to use the same custom field name, which appears to be what we need for orderby.

Do we maybe need to hijack a core field?

Thanks, Paul

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One way to do this would be to create a custom extension that uses the low_search_post_search hook. That will give you an array containing all parameters that will be passed through to the native channel:entries tag for parsing the results. That includes the entry_id or fixed_order parameter which contains the entry IDs for the search results (as long as a LS filter has been triggered).

With that list of IDs, you can query the DB for the values you want to sort by, and then re-sort the entry IDs based on those values. If you then set the fixed_order param with the newly sorted list, the search results should appear in the desired order.

Another way would be to create a fieldtype that hijacks a core field (as you suggested) like view_count_one to four.


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