I'm using a channel form to allow readers to submit letters to the editor that can include pictures. Here's the (redacted) code:

{exp:channel:form channel="{my_channel}" category="37" return="/site/page/5569" status="closed"} 
<textarea name="body" cols="50" rows="20" class="rich_text"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Post" />

The form seems to work OK. You can enter photos and captions just as you would in the the control panel. But when I save the form, and go to edit the entry in the control panel, all of the entry is there, except for the grid contents, which are empty.

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I've resolved this issue by rebuilding the form from scratch. I'm not sure what the original issue was, but I'm now about to use a Grid in a Channel Form for input.

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