Is there a way to say "If this entry contains category 5" rather than "If this entry's category is category 5"?

Consider this:

{if category_id="5"}
Do something

I believe the condition would only return true of the only category assigned is category 5. If an entry has categories 5 and 6 assigned, it would not be returned here, but that's what I'm looking for.


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If u want to only DO Something for the entries belong to category(id=5) your code will do the trick but if u use "show" param the code will be better:

{categories show="5"}
Do something

but If u want to Do Something for the entries belong to category(id=5) and another Thing for the entries don't belong to category(id=5) try to use:

{categories show="5"}
Do something
{categories show="not 5"}
Do Another thing

I hope this will do the trick.


  • But isn't the value of the category for an entry with categories 5 and 6 assigned to it "56" and therefore not 5?
    – Mike Mella
    Mar 14, 2014 at 19:09
  • No , we you assigned entry to category this will add a new row to exp_category_posts(entry_id,cat_id) columns, category values is a multi row values so EE use it as a tag pair.
    – Ahmad Saad
    Mar 14, 2014 at 19:41

If I'm not mistaken your code should do exactly that.

It would find 5 in the loop and 'do something' and then loop again at 6 and do nothing because there's nothing to execute.

May not be especially efficient but should work.

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