I'm using EE hive's flickr plugin. I've authenticated ExpressionEngine with my flickr account but i'm having issues getting the favorites tag pair to display any information. I'm using EE 2.5.3 and the extension is version 2.1.9.

Here's my testing code

<h1>Photo stream</h1>
{exp:eehive_flickr:photostream}{flickr_url}<br />{/exp:eehive_flickr:photostream}

{exp:eehive_flickr:photosets}{set_url}<br />{/exp:eehive_flickr:photosets}

{exp:eehive_flickr:favorites}{flickr_img}<br />{/exp:eehive_flickr:favorites}

The favorites tag pair just returns the {flickr_img} variable in plain text.

Any ideas?

  • Are the other components being returned properly? The regular photo stream, not the favorites? Also, for the favorites, did you check to see if any of the other tags render, {flickr_url_orig}, {flickr_title}, {flickr_description}? That will help determine if the tag pair isn't working or if something else is going on. Commented Dec 23, 2012 at 4:36
  • The photo stream and sets are working properly. The favorites won't render any tags inside.
    – Dan
    Commented Dec 24, 2012 at 17:08

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OK I found the bug. I'll get in touch with Digital Wax Works to update the add-on, but in the meantime here's your fix:

Open up /system/expressionengine/third_party/eehive_flickr/pi.eehive_flickr.php, and at around line 310 you should find:

// Retrieve favorites from Flickr
$favorites = $f->favorites_getPublicList($flickr_settings['option_nsid'], NULL, NULL, $this->api_extras, $numPhotos, 1);

That method call is missing a parameter, so add another NULL in there like so:

$favorites = $f->favorites_getPublicList($flickr_settings['option_nsid'], NULL, NULL, NULL, $this->api_extras, $numPhotos, 1);

Give that a go, I hope it works for you!

Cheers, John

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