We're caching search results pages with CE Cache. I'm wondering if there's a way to bust the cache on these pages whenever any entry is updated? We have dozens of channels; I'd rather not specify all of the relevant tags in the control panel and/or template to use the normal cache busting process (e.g. add "search" as a tag to all of the channels when configuring them, or adding all of the different tags to the search results template).

Is there a way to quickly grab the date of the most recently updated entry and use that as part of the id parameter in the opening exp:ce_cache:it tag, or something? Perhaps some other trick I'm not thinking of?

Edit Perhaps the ability to specify * as a value for the tags parameter would be a cool feature request?

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You should be able to simply tag the Cache It tag in your search section with search, and then break on the search tag in the cache breaking settings for "Any Channel". That way, any time an entry changes (from any channel), your search results will be cleared.

  • Oh... didn't realize there was an "Any Channel" option in there. That'll do it! Mar 18, 2014 at 20:45

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