I need to show a text area custom field inside the checkout>details just if the order contains a product with a certain category ID. How to do it?

this is the scenario: for example, in my store i sell prints and illustrations. (prints are shipped by post and illustrations are downlodable only) if the details page (next step after checkout) contains an illustration (category_id XX) I want to show a text area where customer write down all specs, instructions and comments.

for other products, prints and other common items i don't want to show this custom field inside the checkout page

Please advice me! thank you ;)

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In the checkout and order tags, you can access the {items} loop. Inside the {items} loop you can use the {entry_id} variable to access entry custom fields and categories:

  {exp:channel:entries entry_id="{entry_id}"}
    <!-- you can access category tags here -->

Then inside the channel entries tag you can access the regular {categories} loop.




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