I'm not an experienced user and would like to make something complicated: I'd like to use aviary editor to edit photo's on form submit. I need a form where user's can upload their image, edit it with aviary and submit it. Aviary provides a temporary link to the new edited image, I want this edited image to not be sent to the server until the whole form is submitted. How should i go about doing this?

I had hoped to pass the url into the input file path.

How can i do it?

should be something similar to http://freeonlinephotoeditor.org with submit instead download


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Have a look at @objectivehtml's extremely powerful Photo Frame add-on. There is also a demo of it running on the front end. To get the same number of editing options, you may also need his companion Photo Frame Button Pack. There are several other packs for the add-on, for things like focus, text, filters, etc.


Unless you'd like to roll your own module, try this module $25 which uses avairy: http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/image-editor

  • Thank you Stuartmcd69, Image-editor it's a nice add-on but I need a front-end Aviary editor where users can edit their photos before submit the form, not in the Control panel side..
    – Valerio
    Mar 25, 2014 at 13:46

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