Recently upgraded to EE 2.8.1 and was worried about some things discussed in this thread.

Prior to EE 2.8 we were able to use the user_session_ttl config to set the user's session to whatever duration we pleased. But that config no longer exists, instead the user's session is now hardcoded to 2 hours (different if remember me is checked) (and cp sessions are 1 hour by default).

Are there any options out there asides from editing core for managing session lengths?

Or perhaps I am missing something?

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I wound up reverting the method _setup_session_length in Session.php to what it was before EE 2.8 so I can keep using the config variables -- though I still get the new javascript prompt on the CP end.

For convenience sake I'll leave the code here (if this is a problem, please by all means edit/let me know). The *_session_ttl config variables are in seconds, you would throw those in your config.php or bootstrap e.g. as $config['user_session_ttl'] = 9001;.

protected function _setup_session_length()
    $u_item = ee()->config->item('user_session_ttl');
    $cp_item = ee()->config->item('cp_session_ttl');

    $this->cpan_session_len = ($cp_item !== FALSE) ? $cp_item : $this->cpan_session_len;
    $this->user_session_len = ($u_item !== FALSE) ? $u_item : $this->user_session_len;

    return (REQ == 'CP') ? $this->cpan_session_len : $this->user_session_len;

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