I have a map and on this map are about 3 images. However the map displays different images on it every month. See code:

 <div class="col-sm-11 map">
                                <div id="container">
                                    {exp:channel_images:images field_id="336" entry_id="{entry_id}" category="included" limit="4"}
                                    <img data-x="{image:field:1}" data-y="{image:field:2}" src="{image:url}" />

                                <div class="map-canvas">
                                    <img src="/images/picture1"/>
                            <div class="xsmall-pad"></div>

How do I specify that I want the images to only appear for a certain month - the title for that month is specified in the 3rd segment of the url. And how do I get the 3 images to overlap on top of the map?


You can access the values of URL segments with {segment_1}, {segment_2}, and so on.

{if "{segment_3}" == "january"}
     <h1>It's January!</h1>

The segment_N syntax is available natively in EE; when you're ready to do more advanced things with URL segments, take a look at URL Helper.


Was more complicated than I first laid it out to be. We had to create a plugin for it. No answer here because the solution specifically fixed a feature that is not found normally. But yes, Nick Benson's points on URL segments is valid.

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