Is it possible to get a page count for a Freeform composer form by counting the page breaks (or by some other method)?

Right now I'm just using the page_marker and pulling in the last url segment {last_segment}, which isn't ideal because I have no way of getting the total count (like - Step {count} of {total_count}).

I'm wondering if there's a native/better method out there?

    {exp:freeform:composer form_name="some_form_name" multipage="yes" page_marker="step/" inline_errors="yes"}

<div class="ff_composer">

            <div class="line">
                <div class="unit size1of{composer:column_total}">


                        <label class="field_label" for="freeform_{composer:field_name}">
                            {composer:field_label}{if composer:field_required}<span class="required_item">*</span>{/if}
                            {if freeform:error:{composer:field_name}}<span class="error">{freeform:error:{composer:field_name}}</span>{/if}





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Freeform:Form variables work in Composer templates, they are just parsed after all {composer: based variables are finished parsing as composer first parses everything that belongs to it, then pases the template to Freeform:Form for its parsing.

Thus if you are trying to get page totals just to display, you can use {freeform:form_page_total}


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