{exp:channel:entries category_group="16" limit="1" paginate_type="field" paginate="bottom"}

    <div class="anw-readmorenewstitle">{title}</div>

    <div class="anw-readmorenewstext">{news_text}

    <div class="article-content-columns">

        Last updated on {edit_date format='%M %d, %Y'} at {edit_date format='%h:%i %A'}<br />

        <p>Page {current_page} of {total_pages} pages for this article {pagination_links}</p>

This is the code i am using.The result of the above code is not showing any pagination links. when i remove the {multi_field} tag pagination links are appearing,but link route to next news. I want to split a long article in to different pages..

plz help


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