I want to check if there are any channel field entries so something like

{exp:channel:entries channel="vacancies" author_id="{logged_in_member_id}"}

{if count==0}
there are no entries in this channel


is there are count, rows or total_rows variables I can use?


Almost there, take a look at the available parameters and variables, here:

{exp:channel:entries channel="vacancies" author_id="CURRENT_USER" limit="1" dynamic="no"}
{if no_results}
there are no entries in this channel

When using CURRENT_USER it only works if the visitor is logged in (see user guide)
so you probably also want to check {if logged_in} or {if logged_out}.
The {if_no_results} conditional is a dedicated conditional for this purpose.

  • author_id=CURRENT_USER the logged_in_member_id is parsed late,
    therefore this special parameter setting is available: current_user.
  • dynamic=no prevent the system from interpreting and acting on the url segments
  • limit=1 no need to for more entries

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