I Use the Multilanguage Add-On from Bieber ltd. I now want also to ad caching to my site with CE Cache. I almost works but ce cache doesn't take the language segment in the url into account. The sites are delivered in one language no matter if domain.com/de or domain.com/en

I already fount a devot:ee thread but I don't know where to place and how to alter the string mentioned in this thread so the URI is correct. Anybody solved this problem?

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I haven't used Bieber's add-on, but, from glancing at the docs, I believe you should use their {language_code} variable to feed CE Cache's url_prefix parameter (had to do something similar using Publisher on a multilingual site).

Something like this should do it, I think... maybe:

{exp:ce_cache:ic url_prefix="{language_code}" ...}


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