I had this scenario working before:

  1. A Stash "standard.hmtl" template with {exp:stash:get name="maincontent"}
  2. A single-view template for products that looks like this:

    {!-- set the page layout --}
    {exp:stash:set name="body_id"}category_index{/exp:stash:set}
    {!-- main page variables --}
    {exp:stash:set name="maincontent" parse_tags="yes"}
    {if no_results OR segment_3!=""}{redirect="404"}{/if}
    <div id="content">
            <div class="intro">
                    <div class="text">
                    </div><!-- /text -->
                    <div class="clear"></div>
            </div><!-- /intro -->
            <div class="products-new">
                    <ul class="noGrid">
                    {exp:low_variables:pair var="ll_products" multiple="yes" 
                            status='{exp:stash:get name="functions:preview-status" file="yes" parse_tags="yes" parse_conditionals="yes"}' 
                     {if no_results:no_results}
                     {exp:stash:get name="sn_no_results" type="snippet"}
                     {stash:embed name="snippets:productdiv-new" process="start"}
                      <li class="gap"></li>
                      <li class="gap"></li>
    </div><!-- /content -->

snippets:productdiv-new contains:

<li class="mix {if product_price:plus_tax_numeric > "88.99"}freeshipping{/if} {brand}" data-price="{product_price:plus_tax_numeric}">
                            {if status == "Draft"}<img class="draft" src="/assets/img/site/draft.png" />{/if}
                            {exp:entry_age unit="days" max_age="21" entry_date="{entry_date}"}
                            <a href="{page_url}">
                                <img class="new-badge" src="/assets/img/site/neu.png" alt="Neu! (ein 'Fähnchen', welches signalisiert, dass dieses Produkt neu in unseren Shop aufgenommen wurde)" />
                            <a href="{page_url}">
                                {if produktbilder}
                                {exp:channel_images:images entry_id="{entry_id}" cover_only="yes"}
                                <img class="product" src="{image:url:index_thumbnail}" width="{image:width:index_thumbnail}" height="{image:height:index_thumbnail}" alt="{image:title}" />

                                <img class="product" src="/assets/img/site/no_picture.png" alt="Platzhaltergrafik mit der Aufschrift 'Kein bild'" />

                                <div class="availability-new">
                                    {if product_inventory == "0"}

                                    <img src="/assets/img/site/availability_red.png" alt="Ampel, die auf rot steht" title="Dieser Artikel ist bald wieder für Sie verfügbar" />{/if}
                                    {if product_inventory > "0"}

                                    <img src="/assets/img/site/availability_green.png" alt="Ampel, die auf rot steht" title="Der Artikel ist auf Lager" />{/if}


                            <div class="meta">
                                {if product_price:plus_tax_numeric > "88.99"}

                                <a class="image" href="{page_url}">
                                    <img src="/assets/img/site/truck-green-23.png" alt="Truck" title="Kostenfreier Versand!" />
                                {if channel_video}
                                {exp:channel_videos:videos entry_id="{entry_id}"}
                                <a class="video image" href="{video:url}">
                                    <img src="/assets/img/site/play-red-20.png" alt="Kamerasymbol" title="Zu diesem Artikel ist ein Produktvideo vorhanden" />

                            </div><!-- /meta -->

                            <div class="schatten">
                                <img src="/assets/img/site/shadow_img_index.png" alt="Schatten" style="width: 190px;"/>

                            <h3>{title}{if subtitle}<br /><span>{subtitle}</span>{/if}</h3>

                            <div class="price">
                                {if product_original_price && product_original_price > product_price}

                                <span class="reduced_price">{product_price:plus_tax}&nbsp;&#8364;</span>&nbsp;<span class="original_price">{product_original_price:plus_tax}&nbsp;&#8364;</span>

                                <div class="price">{product_price:plus_tax}&nbsp;&#8364;</div>

                            </div><!-- /price -->

When pasting the content from snippets:productdiv-new directly into the single-view template everything's working as desired.

When putting the code into a Stash snippet and then calling it like in the above codeblock ({stash:embed name="snippets:productdiv-new" process="start"}) everything works BUT the images from {exp:channel_images:images...} are not being displayed, the inventory doesn't get reflected and videos and freeshipping if conditionals don't get parsed.

So, basiclly all of the if conditionals don't get evaluated.

I had the very same code working before but since upgrading Stash from 2.3.9 to 2.4.4 it isn't working anymore.

Anyone able to spot the problem?

Thanks and Cheers!

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Since Stash 2.4.3 embeds with process="start" are parsed by default to be consistent with the other process stages (inline and end).

Add parse="no" to disable parsing:

{stash:embed name="snippets:productdiv-new" process="start" parse="no"}
  • Working. Awesome. I'd like to spend 10min in your head. :)
    – Marc
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 10:58
  • Small follow-up: I have "status='{exp:stash:get name="functions:preview-status" file="yes" parse_tags="yes" parse_conditionals="yes"}'" (function: {if group_id == "1" || group_id == "6"}open|draft{if:else}open{/if}). This is basically still working but then I have a "{if status == "Draft"}" conditional in the embed which doesn't get triggered it seems. Is this a related problem?
    – Marc
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 11:20
  • Not sure tbh. You could try {if "{status}" ... instead? Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 18:31
  • Well, I don't know. I tried your suggestion, although I think I had already tried all possible variations. Turns out that today it works, even with the above seeemingly "faulty" chunk. Sometimes it's like that... Thanks again!
    – Marc
    Commented Apr 11, 2014 at 8:57

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