I have a new channel (locally) about 30 fields long I want to get this into my live site. Is there a way to export and import the actual channel structure into a live site without doing a full database dump?

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The good news is that Field Editor will handle this for you allowing you to import and export field groups along with a number of other useful editing features.

I'm not sure if you can currently purchase this addon however following a recent statement from MBR.

As of Friday the 14th of March 2014, we removed from sale the following products:

Profile Edit
Field Editor
Champagne 2
CartThrob Subscriptions

This means that CartThrob 2 is the only product we have available for sale at this time...

It looks like it can still be purchased however so the current status is a little unknown. Best to give it a try and see but keep the official statement in mind with regards to the purchase and support.

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