Does anybody knows what tags are used to get Emma integration with EE (http://myemma.com/email-marketing-integrations/cms-email-integration/expression-engine) to work on templates?

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I have updated MyEMMA GitHub code to get working with EE 2.7.x

To display simple subscribe form use tags below

{exp:emma:subscribe} {/exp:emma:subscribe} 

More here https://github.com/InteractM/integration-emma-expression-engine


There is an add-on for MyEmma integration (found here), but it is for EE 1.x

You can contact developer for porting it over to EE2, or do that yourself.

  • I know about that. EMMA offers their own integration, mentioned above, but there is a lack of documentation how to get this to work (create forms, what tags are using, etc). Apr 4, 2014 at 17:25

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